Irony of Age

I know I don’t usually post things like this on here, but the idea of this came up at work and I thought other engineers might like it. I present to you, the irony of age! Done in Excel (well, Google Spreadsheets in this case).

energy time and money; pick two


I dare you to defy the chart! I want to be able to place a check next to all three both as an adult and later on when I am elderly, and I hope that many others can as well given that society is so advanced and all.Make a plan NOW to make more time as an adult and also be energetic in your elder years. I have set this as a little widget on my desktop at work as a reminder of this goal.

Now get back to studying for the PE Exam.

About Conrad

I am a Civil Engineer. I work in San Diego and am preparing to take the PE Exam. I am interested in surfing, business, travelling, and spending time with my wife. Thanks!

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