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The goal of RCPE is to make it easier for you to pass the Civil Engineering Professional Engineer Exam.

First off, if you haven’t already, please read up on the requirements for passing the exam and download the exam guides at the NCEES website

Passing Strategy

I passed the PE Exam in April 2013, on my first try and you can too. I have a good grasp of how I did it and I want to impart that to everyone that visits. I will be writing up a guide on that soon and linking it here.

The short answer is essentially lots of reading and memorizing (yes, memorizing) the available practice exams.

Reference Materials

References are a huge part of how you pass or fail. You are your references. Most of them are pretty expensive (flashbacks of textbooks in college for most of us) but are definitely worth it. I went all out on references and spent well over $1000. You are all employed and making decent money right?

I plan on making a references guide for each afternoon module. In the meantime the Resources page provides a fairly good grasp of what you should get.

Why Make this Site?

Several reasons.

  1. I am able to. I work as a web developer on the side so this is a good bridge between the two things I like to do.
  2. I believe I can help people and be a good site, hopefully standing out from so many shoddy sites on the Internet.
  3. It is a great way to become reputable in the field. That is desirable to me.
  4. And lastly, profit! I do make some money from the site based on ads and affiliate links for the products I review. If you enjoy the site and are planning on purchasing materials on Amazon, please consider doing so through any of the links on this site, it won’t cost you any extra and you will be supporting a good cause.

So best of luck to all you and hopefully this material is of use to you.


Conrad Frame, PE


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