Civil PE Exam: Planning for Review

My name is Conrad Frame, I am a civil engineer planning to take the Civil PE exam this coming Fall. I have not prepared at all. I plan on documenting all of my notes and thoughts after studying, as well as other decisions related to the test, on this website. I think this will be a good way for me to recap a study session, as well as a way to study be re-reading posts later whether I am at work or home or wherever.

The exam is still a ways off for me (~10 months) so I have plenty of time to figure out everything I need to prepare for it. Here is a quick todo list of where I need to go from this point:

  • Find application dates
  • Apply
  • Research Study Material
  • Choose a Depth Option
  • Form a study routine

Also, first post!


About Conrad

I am a Civil Engineer. I work in San Diego and am preparing to take the PE Exam. I am interested in surfing, business, travelling, and spending time with my wife. Thanks!

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